The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is sold in Europe for € 335,240


Mercedes-AMG pulled out of the much-anticipated GT Black Series about two weeks ago, and now we can finally find out how much it costs. AMG’s most powerful V8 car to date is available in Europe on request and costs 335,240 euros on the German domestic market, where the configurator is already in operation. Do you want that eye-catching AMG Magma Beam color? You can only have it in the Black series and it will cost you € 8,468. Alternatively, the large green AMG hell of the GT R can be offered for the same price.

Mercedes AMG GT Black Series 1

You can invest even more money in Mercedes for the Black Series, as the high-performance coupé is available with a variety of option packages. For example, the AMG Track Pack (€ 7,540) includes a titanium roll bar, four-point seat belts and a fire extinguisher in case of problems. Although the car was designed to be as light as possible, you can still add memory seats, mirrors and a steering column by getting the memory package for € 1,914.

Additional new add-ons are available at an additional cost to the Black Series package for € 904 (with Blind Spot Assist and Lane Keeping Assist), the Park Pack for € 1,461 (with front and rear cameras) and the Keyless Go Pack anti-theft package from 916 € and 510 €. The individual options range from a Burmester audio system for 4,814 euros and a touchpad for 174 euros to a larger 75-liter fuel tank for 93 euros and tinted windows for 430 euros.

This fire extinguisher mentioned above can be purchased separately for € 139. You can also order the Black series with a garage door opener for € 261. Other additions are the adaptive high beam assistant (€ 116), a set of tires (€ 58), a less elegant Burmester sound system (€ 1508) and carbon fiber door sills (€ 1044). Drip Transfer (€ 128) and PRE-SAFE System (€ 638). The latter automatically changes the vehicle settings in the event of an impending collision to reduce the risk of injury when opening windows and tighten seat belts, seat cushions, etc.

Mercedes AMG GT Black Series 2

All in all, the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series can cost nearly $ 365,000 when fully equipped. Here in the US, Mercedes has confirmed that AMG GT Black pricing won’t be available until closer to the car’s sale date in early 2021. However, we know that the aforementioned track package will not be available. in the Canada, United States, or China.

Interestingly, there are no details on how many cars will be built, but given the high price point and special status of the model, it’s safe to say that the sixth member of the Black Series will be an observation. Rare.

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