The new Audi RS7 2020 German muscle car par excellence !!


After a long wait for the next generation Audi RS7 Sportback 2020 to be unveiled, we will introduce you to this high-performance Audi, before being officially unveiled today at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

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The all-new Audi RS7 Sportback car has a different identity than its sister Audi A7. It is 40 mm wider than the Audi A7 (comes standard with 21-inch rims).

The all-new Audi RS7 2020 comes with these specifications:

The German car is based on a 4-liter V8 engine with a twin-turbo (the same beating heart used in its sister Audi RS6 that we have already known) emits 592 horsepower (600 hp PS) and 800 Nm of torque. 8-speed automatic, and the latest Audi 2020 is powered by Quattro full-wheel drive.

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The new RS7 accelerates from sleep to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds and has a top speed of 250 km / h (155 mph) and can be ordered with a top speed of 280 km / h or 305 km / h after spending more money.

The Audi RS7 2020 has a mild hybrid system based on a 48-volt lithium-ion battery that provides additional power to operate the car screens.

The new German sports car can be ordered with either three rear seats or just two seats like the previous generation.

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It is still too early to know the price of the all-new Audi RS7 Sportback.

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