The new Toyota C-HR has turned into a wild car !!


Today, we will introduce you to the result of making the Toyota C-HR convert from a youthful compact crossover vehicle to a wild car in digital photos published on an account on Instagram.

But before we talk about the result of the crazy real car modification, which is not real.

toyota C HR1

From the list of cars that compete with each other, it is certain that the new Toyota C-HR is not a road-racing vehicle or a car intended for storming rough roads !!! But there is nothing impossible in the world of digital design through computers, and this is exactly what is documented by the collection of imaginary images presented within this news.

After you looked at the newest digital photos showing insane and unreasonable modifications to the Japanese manufacturer C-HR from Toyota, I certainly noticed the compact crossover being raised from the ground as it got huge wheels worthy of a wild car showcasing in front of the masses, and the imaginary modifications included the car On the front protection bars being turned into an off road vehicle, and equipped with flashlights at the front.

As for the roof of the new Toyota C-HR imaginative modified, I got a loading box for several land stretches to the back where there is a spare wheel installed vertically in the rear windshield of the car !!!

toyota C HR2

We must describe these digital images as crazy, imaginary modification and far from the capabilities of the Toyota C-HR.

In terms of knowledge and away from these digital photos, the Japanese C-HR 2020 from Toyota Corporation depends on a 4-cylinder, two-liter engine of 144 hp and 188 Newton meters of torque, it communicates with the CVT 7-speed, which confirms that it is a modern youth car And only practical.

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