The newest Off Road car in the world has the power of a supercar with an unbelievable price !!


Today, we will introduce you, dear followers, to the newest Off Road car in the world, which possesses the power of a super sports car with an incredible price that is incredible in all kinds of ways.

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The car we are talking about in this news is named the Laffite G Tec X Road, which represents a refurbished car of the Zaruk Motors Sanderser GT, which had a strength of 525 hp and is intended for intrusive off-road.

To further clarify and to link your thoughts, dear followers, the person who worked on building both cars: Laft G-Techx Road, and Zaroque Motors Sanderser GT, is Bruno Laffite, the nephew of the former Formula 1 driver, Jacques Lafitte, who has 6 titles in The racing world, and Bruno worked to build the newest off-road car in the world with the help of his wife, Laetita Lafitte, after they together founded a company specializing in the construction of off-road vehicles with limited production called the Laffite Supercars.

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Details available to our team indicated that Lafitte Super Cars cooperated with G-Tec, which is run by former race car engineer Philip Guthron, so that the star of this news that possesses a chrome steel exterior with Molybdenum was presented, and this car was described as a supercar capable of Break into rough roads and all terrain.

Mechanical specifications for the newest off road car in the world:

This car is based on the GM LS3 engine consisting of 8-cylinder V-shape 6.2-liter from which the power of 720 hp reaches the rear wheels, and this beating heart is connected with a sequential 6-speed gear, and a top speed of 230 km / h.

The weight of the Lafitte G-Tec X-Road is only 1,300 kilograms, which makes the number of horses reflected strongly with this low weight by one horse per 1.84 kilogram.

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This car has got the proper off-road suspension suspension system as it runs on huge BF Goodrich tires.

He will make only 30 copies of the G-Tec X-Road and the price of one car will start from 465,000 $, and the price for the full electric version of this car will increase to 545,000 $.

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