The price of new Audi R8 V10 Decennium 2020

The cheapest R8 you can buy in the U.S. starts at $ 169,900.

Last year, Audi launched the updated R8 in October, but we’re no longer getting pricing details for the US market. The supercar that will appear at the New York Auto Show next week before it hits the stores this summer has of course been canceled to at least $ 169,900 to restore the original R8 V10 coupe model. with 562 hp feet and 406 feet (550 Nm) of torque. If you want to overtake, it costs an additional $ 12,200, and the Spyder R8 V10 costs from $ 182,100.

Instead of the Plus version, which was sold during the pre-lift period, the Rpe V10 is launching a new performance coupe with an output of 602 hp and 460 lb (560 Nm), which is strong instead of $ 195,900 could. Performance with the V10 R8 Performance Spyder and Math starts at $ 208,100 or in addition to the $ 12,200 in addition to the fixed roof version.

2020 audi r8 decennium 2

But wait, we’re still not doing it. Audi has an even more expensive version of the R8 and you can buy it. Decennium R8 V10 is limited to 222 cars worldwide and is based on performance in the USA, where the last 50 units of the special edition will be available, i.e. the numbers 173 to 222. We celebrate 10 years on the high FSI 5.2 liter revived engine shared with the Lamborghini Huracan, the R8 matrix comes straight in coupe form and has an entry-level price of $ 214,995.

What do you get for the additional $ 19,095 you spend on regular V10 R8 performance? As we have described in detail in the insightful section of the special editions, the Decennium is all about cosmetic feet. Things like the bronze inlet and the 20-inch rims are in the same color, while the four rings and the lettering “V10” appear on the front in glossy black. Inside, the black interior is usually in contrast to the bronze remains on the seats, the door plates and the weapon.

2020 audi r8 decennium 3

Although it costs well over $ 200,000 and is even more expensive than the Spyder Performance R8 V10, the Decennium isn’t the richest R8 Audi has ever sold. Are you thinking of the all-electric E8 Tron that is badly affected? Less than 100, sold at around $ 1.1 million in pop.

In conclusion, the specification seems to have a slightly smaller torque than the Euro model at R8. The former is 560 Nm (413 lb) lower than 580 Nm (428 lb).

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