The Rolls Royce Ghost 2022 black badge is at its best


There’s no shame in asking for the best. That is the charm of Rolls-Royce: the best driving experience, the best materials, the best workmanship, everything built by hand. However, sometimes the best is not enough. Some personalities require a certain attitude even when buying the best. This is where the black Rolls-Royce emblem comes into play.

The Black Badge treatment darkens the cladding on the inside and outside, provides more power and tightens the smooth driving behavior. For 2022, Rolls-Royce will apply the Black Badge treatment to the Ghost sedan, which was previously given to the Cullinan SUV (and previously added to the Ghost but now retired from the Dawn and Wraith).

2022 The black Rolls Royce Ghost badge is at its best

Changes to the Black Medal only modify the ghost experience rather than transform it. In terms of performance, they start with the 6.8-liter twin-turbo V-12 engine. No parts were changed in the manufacture of this engine. Instead, another control unit increases the power from 563 to 591 hp and the torque from 627 to 664 Nm.

In the winter, the engine still acts like a lion. It performs with confidence, moving the Phantom at the speed the driver desires, but always with a smooth tug rather than a burst of excitement. The Black Badge features a low mode enabled on the gear stick that starts the car in first gear and allows the lion to growl loudly enough to be menacing, which adds to the smoothness. Activate the low mode, step on the accelerator and the 5,600-pound Ghost Black Badge glides from 0-100 km / h in 4.5 seconds, thanks to extra power and 50% faster gear changes, until the throttle is at least 90% is broken. on the ground.

The transmission also knows where the car is going and this also contributes to smooth performance. Roll’s Flagbearer System links the 8-speed automatic transmission with satellite navigation data and uses this data to help you choose the right gear for the road ahead, when downshifting around bends or when going uphill. It’s all pretty straightforward and only feels slightly louder than the already considerable growl that comes with a V-12 biturbo.

2022 The black Rolls Royce Ghost badge is at its best 1

The electronics also change the way the Ghost’s complex chassis works. The Ghost has adaptive air springs and shock absorbers, which in other high-end vehicles like Range Rovers and Mercedes generally do a good job of isolating passengers from bumps in the road. Rolls takes a few more steps. The air springs and adaptive dampers do most of the work, so a second set of top-mounted front shock absorbers shows up to clean up nasty bumps that could slip. The Black Badge includes higher capacity air springs and a modified microprocessor to make it a little firmer than the normal Ghost. The steering is also adjusted by the rollers to add extra weight and improve center stability.

On the sidewalk, the Ghost Black Badge has carbon fiber wheels (with aluminum rims) that conserve weight and assist you stay afloat in the same manner that Titanic Lounge Chairs do. Made from 22 layers of carbon fiber arranged in three axes, they have more to do with boasting than performance, but the lighter wheels always make for better handling, and that’s the value and return of the Ghost.

Taken together, these updates change the driving experience slightly. The Ghost still has the feel of a yacht through the large diameter steering wheel. More than any other car, the long front seems to hit the corners in front of the driver, and you have to row at the wheel to lead the big beast through the corners. However, unlike previous Ghosts, it doesn’t sag on the road, and the suspension system provides a little better sense of control. Especially for those who want the best and let themselves be chauffeured, the smooth ride remains untouched. It’s all very nice on our trip to a winery on the Grenzmauer, which makes one think of the gap between the rich and the not-have.

To see an interior

Inside, the Ghost Black badge hides some of the chrome trim and uses a checkerboard dashboard accent made of carbon fiber and aluminum for a sporty yet unusual design. The dashboard also features the Lemniscate Black Badge logo, an infinity symbol with an underlying line that has its origins in Sir Malcolm Campbell’s record-breaking Rolls-Royce Blue Bird K3 seaplane from the 1930s.

Otherwise, the cabin offers the same luxury and theater as the standard Ghost. The Starlight Headliner impresses with thousands of pinholes that can even simulate falling stars. Another 850 stars can appear on the passenger side of the dashboard, illuminated by 152 LEDs.

2022 The black Rolls Royce Ghost badge is at its best 3

Every sitting position achieves maximum comfort with heating and cooling, massage and numerous power levels. The armrests are also heated and the soft lambswool carpets make you want to wear shoes (only for passengers, please). Soft-close doors lock automatically and rear passengers can open and close the doors at the push of a button behind their ears.

Rolls works hard to isolate occupants from the street noise. Acoustic dampers between double-walled doors and floors block noise, as do dampened seat frames to absorb internal frequencies, doors under the trunk that counteract the hum of the road, and even soundproof tires.

Everything is built to an incredibly high level with tight tolerances, first-class materials and controls that move with great precision, even if the steering wheel levers feel a little light.

Buyers can take it a step further with a $ 43,850 Black Badge package that focuses on interior features. It starts with an illuminated radiator grille, but also includes lambswool floor mats, a 1,300 watt audio system with 14 speakers, rear entertainment, individual contrast piping on the seats, RR monograms on all headrests and engravings on the doors, extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum surfaces, additional seams on the instrument panel and the option of defining the color of all leather upholstery in the interior.

2022 The black Rolls Royce Ghost badge is at its best 2

Outside, the Ghost Black Badge sports dark chrome on the grille, the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament, and window sills that offer much of the unobtrusive threat to attract brave buyers. Each of Rolls’ 44,000 colors are on offer, but many buyers are opting for what Rolls calls the darkest black in the business. Rolls says he put 100 pounds of paint on the white body, followed by two coats of clear coat. Everything is then hand polished in what the company calls a piano finish. The process takes three to five hours. While many other brands offer black editions, no other automaker pays so much attention to its interior and exterior paintwork and trim.

The 2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge starts at a staggering $ 398,850 including target tariffs and gas mileage, compared to $ 330,000 for a standard Ghost. Add the Black Badge package and full Black Badge treatment costs over $ 100,000 and that’s ahead of any option your highly individual buyers are sure to want. While the changes to the Black Badge on the BMW M5 don’t make a good car much better, they have the advantage that 1% want to stand out among the world’s most successful buyers.

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