These are the fastest McLaren cars in history !!


Today we got information about the fastest McLaren cars in history so far, culminating in this title McLaren Speedtail 2020 after it reached this speed on the ground.

Mclaren 2020 3

We have new details indicating that the top speed of the new McLaren Speedtail 2020 is 403 km / h (250 mph), which makes it faster than the legend McLaren F1 – the top speed of 386.4 km / h (240.1 miles / Q), which made the new car the title of fastest McLaren cars in history so far.

According to our information, the McLaren Chief Test Driver Kenny Brack managed to reach the speed limit of a Speedtail Prototype in 30 seconds over a distance of 3 miles. The tests also included acceleration experiments in Papenburg, Germany, and Idiada, Spain.

Mclaren 2020 1

This British supercar operates with a hybrid system that combines work; a 4-liter V-petrol engine with a capacity of 4 liters with a twin turbo from which 800 horsepower is issued, and an electric motor we did not have information about its numbers and specifications, to issue from the work of the gasoline and electric engines together a power up To 1,035 hp (1,050 hp European PS) and 1,150 Nm of torque.

This supercar can reach a speed of 300 km / h (186 mph) in less than 13 seconds (12.8 seconds), and accelerates from 0 to 96 km / h (60 mph) in 2.5 seconds.

Mclaren 2020 2

As we have already told you, 106 copies of the fastest McLaren cars in history to date will be produced on public roads, and the price of the McLaren Speedtail will start from 2,240,000 $.

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