This lego lamborghini sian fkp 37 to 3696 pieces technique


The Lamborghini super hybrid sports car has been reproduced as a Lego kit. Originally called Sián, it received the suffix “FKP 37” in tribute to Ferdinand Karl Piëch, who died in 1937. The car is now a Lego Technic kit with 3,696 pieces.

lamborghini sian fkp lego technic 2

The Lego Sián FKP 37 has a scale of 1/8 and therefore occupies a lot of space on your shelf. The finished model is 23 cm long, 9 cm wide and 5 cm high.

It is also very detailed, with a functional suspension, a scissor door opening and a movable rear spoiler. The V-12 miniature engine has movable pistons and the 8-speed manual transmission is fully functional, according to Lamborghini, and has working paddles. Open the front trunk and you will find a small Lamborghini night bag.

lamborghini sian fkp lego technic 3

The life-size V-12 Sián FKP 37 has 774 hp and an electric motor, which is integrated into the car’s transmission by 34 hp, bringing the total power of the system to 807 hp. Lamborghini said the electric motor could drive the car independently at low speed. The automaker calls a 0 to 60 mph time of 2.8 seconds with a top speed of over 217 mph.

Unlike conventional hybrids, the Sián FKP 37 does not use a battery. Instead, it stores electricity in a single supercapacitor which, according to Lamborghini, is three times more powerful and three times lighter than a battery of similar size.

lamborghini sian fkp lego technic 4

The full-size Sián FKP 37 costs $ 2 million (production is limited to 63 copies), so the Lego version at $ 379.99 seems like a good deal. The kit will be available in the United States from June 1.

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