Toyota’s new Supra 2020 images leaked completely before launch !!


Toyota has announced that it will unveil its all-new Toyota Supra 2020 next month at the Detroit Motor Show 2019.

The Future 2019 2020 Toyota Supra Tokyo Auto Show Concept View

Today, our team has a collection of leaked images of the Toyota Supra 2020, which was posted online shortly before the official car launch. The images, posted at the Supra MKV forum, also show the front of the car and its rear design to confirm that the all-new Toyota Supra 2020 is derived from its sister Toyota GT1, launched in 2014 to pave the way for Supra’s return, with touches from previous Supra cars.

These images show the distinction of this sports car from the rear with three air vents instead of two on its rear shock as compared to the Toyota FT1 test, and the size of the rear lights was reduced.

Certainly, the latest Toyota sports car has a sharp exterior structure, and the Toyota Supra 2020 is fitted with a two-seater roof to provide maximum aerodynamics and a strong design identity.

Mechanically Supra cars information is available with these pulsating options:

The 4-cylinder, 2-liter turbo engine produces 262 hp, made by BMW, this engine will be standard and feature lightweight.

2020 Toyota Supra Price Review Release

The 3-liter 6-cylinder engine generates 335 hp and will be powered by the new Subra cars from the BMW Z4 2019.

Both variants are powered by an automatic 8-speed automatic transmission, and the sports car can be ordered with a standard switch.

As you know, our loved ones, Subra 2020 benefited from the partnership between Toyota Japan and Bavarian BMW mechanically.

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