Unveiling the production version of the Nissan GT-50 at a price of over 1 million $ !!


The 2019 GTR Nismo is priced at around 175,000 $ and is the most expensive new Nissan, but that changed when the Nissan GT-R50 was unveiled to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Nissan Skyline GT-1969. The price of the car is 990 thousand euros in the European market.

nissan gtr 50 by italdesign 2

So far, Nissan has not announced the prices or even the availability of the car in other markets, the basic car price is 1.12 million $.

nissan gtr 50 by italdesign

The company also announced that it will manufacture only 50 copies of the Nissan GT-50, which was developed in cooperation with Italdesign, and the Japanese company is now receiving orders to start delivery next year 2019, God willing, it takes some time to convert the GTR NESMO to R50 so the delivery process It may last until 2020 as well.

Although the previous car at Godwood Speed ​​Festival came in a gray color with golden edges, the production version looks more exciting with blue paint, while wealthy customers can buy the car in the colors and specifications they want of course.

Nissan GT R50 rear angle

But in fact, this exclusive car is not just a modified version of the GT-Nismo. The GTR50 710 horsepower is powered by a 3.8-liter V6 engine with a twin-turbocharger, which means an increase of 110 hp compared to the NESMO version, and has increased from 652 to 780 Nm.

In addition to increased power, the GTR 50 has a suspension system with Bilstein shock absorbers, improved Brembo brakes as well as a 6-speed dual-clutch car and a stronger engine shaft to withstand additional power.

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