Whatch out ! Button on and off the engine in modern cars may be fatal !!


As we have seen recently, modern cars have many features and specifications, but are all electronic systems in cars a good thing?

When talking about safety and safety systems, the answer is certainly yes, such as the ABS system or the car seat control systems and the wheel alignment with the road, but other features such as the touch screen, for example, may be distracted to the attention of the driver, at worst May be really dangerous.

But it is difficult for the reader to know which systems are useful, necessary and which ones can be dangerous and can be dispensed with.

However, in a new report in The New York Times recently, the newspaper said that the button to turn on or off the car or what is known as the feature of operation without a key may pose a serious risk to be aware of, because the driver may leave the car and thinks that the engine has turned off while the engine is still Works and does not stop.

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In her latest report, Chery Benny and her husband, James Livingstone, who died of carbon monoxide poisoning after accidentally leaving their Toyota Avalon 2017 in a closed garage, The car has no key and the feature of stopping and operating the engine automatically.

While carbon monoxide is very rare and only a few hundred occur annually, leaving a car engine operating in a closed space can produce lethal amounts of carbon monoxide and in a matter of minutes. If the garage is connected at home It is possible that the concentration of gas in the entire house increases to lethal levels.

Since 2006, 36 deaths have been recorded in similar incidents in the United States, as well as dozens of pre-death suffocations.

In fact, dear reader, the keyless entry and operation technology is widespread in modern cars and has become standard in many types of cars. The driver can leave the key in his or her pocket or handbag without worrying about opening or closing the car locks, Because the key communicates remotely with the computer in the car and is needed?

General Motors, for example, may decide to turn on and off the engine in all its cars, as this feature reduces the risk of turning off the engine while on the move due to a wrong turn on the key or a defective piece.

But as with any new technology, there are unexpected consequences. In this case, the combination of the keyless operation with the automatic off and off feature (which turns the engine off and on and the car running) increases the likelihood that drivers will accidentally leave their cars They do not turn it off. When this happens in a closed garage, the result can be as tragic as we have seen.

What is important now is how can we prevent such an error?

The New York Times reports that half of the carbon monoxide and associated deaths were in Toyota and Lexus.

Although Toyota uses a sound warning system, the Toyota Avalon does not have the same automatic feature as other car makers, which turn off the car after a certain time or through sensors to detect the dislocation of the belt and open the door of the driver and exit the driver away from the key the car.

The company says it will add this feature (automatic fire) to the 2020 model car, which has the feature of a keyless start button.

Of course, the Society of Automotive Engineers of the World and the American Road Safety Control Authority have proposed standard measures that require adding more than just a sound warning, or simply adding the automatic fire feature, but unfortunately the automotive industry is resisting any attempts to add more specifications. the money.

  • What is the solution?

For our part, we believe that there is another variable absent from the equation, the driver.

It is true that the driver has no fault in the development and complexity of modern car operating systems so that it is difficult to tell whether the car circuit or not, but in contrast the driver is responsible for learning to know the difference and to distinguish between the state of operation and fire situation in the car owned and led.

Whatch out

The technology that is constantly evolving requires a change in the mindset of motorists. As we no longer use the keys to operate our cars, we need to pay more attention to whether we have turned off the car or are still running. Obviously, we do not have to rely on automakers to protect us from all A possible scenario, just as we should not rely on social networking sites to maintain our privacy and personal image.

In fact, we believe that accidents like this should alert us that the most important element in achieving safety and safety in the car is the driver, you are dear reader!

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