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Between a range of Bentley cars and parked Aston Martin cars and near the Pagani Huayra Italian supercar, a white SSC Tuatara emerged from a closed garage in a rear position to trigger a range of offensive sounds.

Tuatara 2

It seems that this version of SSC Tuatara is looking for a wealthy person to buy from a car showroom with a selection of premium cars.

SSC Tuatara, presented by the American company SSC North America, first appeared in the world in 2011 with a trial version. Seven years later, the commercial production version of the extremely limited production car was released to appear specifically in August of 2018, and only 100 copies of this rare model were planned.

tuatara 7

SSC Tuatara design – The exterior SSC Tuatara shows a high-value Aerodinamekh dedicated to high-speed driving.The wheelbase length is 2672 mm, the car length is 4,430 mm, its width is 1,991 mm and its height is 1,092 mm.

Mechanically, the car is based on the 5.9-liter SSC Tuatara V8 engine with a twin-turbo charger generating 1350 hp (up to 1750 hp with E85 fuel) and 1735 Nm of torque.This engine is connected to the Kim Kimoki 7-speed system, reaching Excluding liquid weight, this exclusive car weighs 1,247 kg and is supposed to have a top speed of 412.28 km / h.

Tuatara hipercar 2018 9

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